Raccoon in the Bird Feeder

A couple of nights ago we had quite the surprise when we let our puppy, Cisco, out onto the back deck to do his business. Cisco was behaving very strangely when he first went out there into the darkness… when I turned on the light I suddenly realized what was going on… there was a raccoon feasting precariously on the sunflower seeds in one of our bird feeders. Concerned for Cisco’s safety, I quickly (and cautiously) went out to bring him inside. These photos were taken a little while later as the ‘coon was in no hurry to leave until he had his fill. Ever since that night, I have started to take the feeder indoors for the evening. If you look closely, it looks like he’s even smiling for me in that last one. 🙂

Raccoon 1

Raccoon 2

Raccoon 3

Raccoon 2

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