Nikon Creative Lighting System Workshop

Last night a few fellow Nikon shooters got together for an informal workshop discussing various aspects of the Nikon CLS system.  Our gracious host was Rob Provencher of Westmount Photography and our subject matter expert was Stephen Harrison (from our local Henry’s retail outlet).  Also present and shown in the photo below are Erik Lovin and Garth Wunsch.  It was a very educational session and I can’t wait to try out some new creative lighting techniques!

Erik and Garth

3 thoughts on “Nikon Creative Lighting System Workshop”

  1. My mother always told me it wasn’t polite to point…. please don’t show her the pic 🙂

    Great fun, Great learning.

    John, I like your WordPress. I’m just learning (with a lot of help from my friends). May I ask your advice when I’m stuck?

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