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Feathered Friends

Well now that spring has finally arrived here in Sudbury, the birds are returning to the north as well.  Here are some images I captured yesterday in my own backyard of the common grackle and the rose-breasted grosbeak.  Enjoy!

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Raccoon in the Bird Feeder

A couple of nights ago we had quite the surprise when we let our puppy, Cisco, out onto the back deck to do his business. Cisco was behaving very strangely when he first went out there into the darkness… when I turned on the light I suddenly realized what was going on… there was a […]

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A Mink, I think

Today my wife spotted this little guy in our back yard. I couldn’t resist snagging a few photos of this little guy. I have never seen one of these before, but I believe it to be a Mustela Vison… a Mink. Are they common in Sudbury? Feel free to comment if you know.

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Ducks and Dogs

After dinner tonight I captured a few interesting images of some furry and feathered friends.  It seems to be wildlife week here in Minnow Lake this week!  Enjoy!

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The Flight of the Common Grackle

While I was outside barbecuing tonight’s supper on the back deck, I noticed some birds flying around the yard and decided to shoot them, the only way I know how… with a Nikon. I’ve seen these birds around a lot, but never knew what they were called until today… the Common Grackle.

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